QoS - stuttering VOIP

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QoS - stuttering VOIP

Post by gian » September 13th, 2017, 2:08 pm

Hello All,

I am trying to figure out what could be the problem of some garbled VOIP calls.

I have three IPFire sites, A-B-C, connected with two VPNs.
In the middle, B, I have a FreePBX server.
On one network leg everything is fine, on the other, I have very often garbled or stuttering internal or external voice calls.
Load is low on each site, but on C the internet connection is slower: 250kbit is the minimum upload bandwidth.

Now, I used the presets to setup the QoS and it turns out that VPN traffic has a ToS of 2, while Voip has 8.
Given that my Voip travels inside the VPN, should I change the settings?

Thanks for your comments,

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Re: QoS - stuttering VOIP

Post by trymes » September 19th, 2017, 5:22 pm

We have a similar issue. Our VOIP traverses the IPsec tunnel, but changing the QOS doesn't help if you need to prioritize some IPsec traffic over others. I am fairly sure that there is a way to place the encapsulated packet's TOS on the IPsec packet to ensure that it is properly prioritized, but I don't think that IPFire is doing that.


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