IPFIRE DNS problem: Green Zone "connected but no internet access"

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IPFIRE DNS problem: Green Zone "connected but no internet access"

Post by wilbert fontana » September 25th, 2017, 2:41 am

Hello everyone.

I need help to solve a problem that came out recently. Network is based in the red, green and orange sketch. My ISP provides static IP address, primary and secondary dns servers and gateway for RED. Green has the IP, mask is and IP as dns preferred server and Orange (DMZ) has the IP, gateway (IPFIRE box), mask and IP as the preferred dns server IP address.

Network layout :



After upgrading IPFIRE to core 113, Domain Controller Box (WIN SERVER 2008 R2) frequently loose internet connexion ("connected but no internet access" state icon) and so GREEN ZONE. However, DMZ stays connected to internet even if Green doesn't. Green clients are not able to surf the internet, but can make a RDP session to DC (only on LAN by the way).

Ping from Ipfire Box to DC Box shows "destination host unreachable".

What I've tried:

1. Rebooting IPFire box several times reestablished internet connexion , but a few hours later after rebooting, DC disconnects and so Green clients.
2.Changed ISP Primary and Secondary DNS IP adresses (local recursor) for Google DNS (DNSSec validating)
3. Changed Domain Controller NIC, same problem.
4. Reinstalled IPFire, restored backup, same problem.

If you have any idea, any light that could show me the path, that I will appreciate.

thank you

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