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Post by Mauricio » September 20th, 2017, 7:01 pm

Hi, I want you to help me configure QoS.
I have a 25mb internet connection I want to give QoS to 80 users on the lan, this is what is used here:
1: web traffic
2: IP telephony (25 telephones)
I would like you to help me with the values ​​of the classes.
Example: Class: 102 VoIP Guaranteed bandwith = 2048 Maximum bandwith = 5120.

can help me with values ​​for all classes:
Class: 101 ACKs
Class: 102 VoIP
Class: 103 VPN
Class: 104 Webtraffic
Class: 110 Default
Class: 200 VoIP
Class: 203 VPN
Class: 204 Webtraffic
Class: 210 Default
Class: 220 P2P

My main question is with the default class what values ​​are used in this class?

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