Job Exchange: What is this?

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Job Exchange: What is this?

Post by MichaelTremer » November 29th, 2013, 4:22 pm

When I usually talk about the "IPFire Developers", I usually do not mean only the development people. There are plenty more groups and people in this project who take care of a certain task or who set it as their goal to improve the project in a certain way. In almost all cases, I am talking about all of them when I say "developers".

So it makes sense that many people think that they need to have decent "development skills" and need to be able to program in a dozen of programming languages and need a deep understanding of how networks work. Some people hesitate to get in touch with other people in the project, because they feel that they know too little about these things. I personally think that this is completely false.

There are people in this project who are geniuses in their respective fields and I am happy that they are around. Of course they did not know everything from the beginning and it took a little time for us all to get familiar with IPFire (both the distribution and the project). All people who are working on the project do it in their free time and there is only a limited number of hours in a day...

Why am I telling you all this? Because we want more people contributing to this project. There are some many things to do, some we need to do like maintaining our infrastructure and some others we want to do, like exploring new features and what not. Because of the limited amount of time we have, we honestly need help.

This forums are full of system administrators and hobbyists who are really good at their jobs and whose help is much needed to run this project. We need people who help us running the project infrastructure, design the IPFire web site, write documentation and of course do development. I am sure you guys have also some things on your mind which could be improved.

If you think you can help with any of that, please come forward and join the project. We would really appreciate that.

So this new area called "job exchange" is not to hire people. This is a place where you can contribute tasks that should be done in this project and it is a place to organize groups of people which set it as their goal to do a certain task. I am also going to post some things I could need help with and could require the expertise of an expert.

I am confident that some of you guys out there have some minuted to spare to the project and help us to achieve things we can currently not achieve on our own.


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Re: Job Exchange: What is this?

Post by 5p9 » November 29th, 2013, 4:34 pm

Hi Michael,
hi @ all,

that's what I want us to look for new people to help us.
If we get it right, it should be a mutual benefit.  ;D


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