MAC address on red0 - How to clear it

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MAC address on red0 - How to clear it

Post by renatohtpc » November 6th, 2019, 3:32 pm

I am running IPFire 2.23 (x86_64) - Core Update 136.

At some point, I entered a value for the new MAC address......

I think to remember that it was done so that I could swap out the red card without having to release the lease of my internet provider (i.e. FIOS).

Now, I am trying to clear out that field, but apparently I cannot since the field cannot be blank.

Any suggestions?


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Re: MAC address on red0 - How to clear it

Post by Arne.F » November 6th, 2019, 10:44 pm

To remove the assigned mac Addresses click on "Delete" nearby the "Save" button and after this shutdown and restart the system. (Many nics need only a reboot to use the hardware mac address from the board again but some need a power cycle.)

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