Gnuplot - or similar ??

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Gnuplot - or similar ??

Post by softfoot » August 18th, 2017, 1:34 am

I need to be able to "get" a text logfile from a remote device and create some fancy graphs as jpg files, similar to the way rddtool works.

I was hoping to use gnuplot because we use that at work and I am familiar with it.

Has anyone installed gnuplot on ipfire ?? or better still packaged it ??

Sadly rddtool isn't very suitable for my needs.

Alternately, is there another graphing package I could use ??


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Re: Gnuplot - or similar ??

Post by ummeegge » August 18th, 2017, 5:46 pm

Hi Dave,
long time ago i´d took a look on howto build Gnuplot but i currently do not remember of the result (i think it have had a lot of dependencies but i´am unsure about that). Not so long ago i build Matplot --> (needs also some other Python deps) which was a additional for Glances --> viewtopic.php?t=16563 but in the new version i did not compiled it.
I´ am currently on vacation but when i´am back home and if nobody else got some usable infos/binaries until then i can take a look what does it needs to compile Gnuplot and if you are interested in Matplot it might be possibly faster cause i think i got the LFS and ROOTFILE (may also the binaries) at home.



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