Ipfire wireless client

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Ipfire wireless client

Post by ashic » October 5th, 2018, 11:35 am


I saw this article,


I do want to configure ipfire to have the ability of being client to other wireless router (for a case of major iso Field).

Now, I can't find this menu as described at the article.

2) Can ipfire be an access point, and wireless client at the same time (separate wifi cards) ?

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Re: Ipfire wireless client

Post by UAW-Chrysler NTC » January 9th, 2019, 6:43 pm

You can configure ipFire in a RED - BLUE - GREEN configuration
In this setup if you choose you can have RED (Internet or WAN) can be wireless.
Wireless in a sense that you are getting your Internet connectivity via wireless.
So this connection to the RED Ethernet port is based on whatever equipment you ISP gives you.
There must be an ethernet port to work with.

BLUE is special to ipFire an is often designated to be wireless.
The expectation here is a supported Wireless card installed and designated as a BLUE.
During setup you will do the configuration of it.
Once it's working the wifi clients all will connect via this single wireless.

Another way to configure BLUE is with a regular NIC and hang a switch off it.
Configure multiple Access Points (shutoff DHCP from the APs) and plug them into that switch for BLUE.
I setup my blue with multiple APs around my house.

In this setup you can have ipFire as a wireless client an as an AP.

This is my understanding.
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