replace my IPV hardware by ipfire.

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replace my IPV hardware by ipfire.

Post by NavelPluiz » November 4th, 2019, 3:41 am

Hi ,

i want to get ride of the modem/router ( experiaboxV10) that my provider provides. As this is configured like a undie that is one size to small. You can get in but that is pretty much it.
The modem/router connects thru PPOE on fibre to my IPV. This gives me internet(vlan34), IPTV(vlan4) and and VOIP(vlan7).
The last one I do not use so will not be bothered.

this is the info my provider "shares" with me and the rest is up to me.
WAN Protocol: MAC Encapsulated Routing

WAN1 1p/VLAN ID: 1/34

WAN3 1p/VLAN ID: 5/4

PPPoE passthrough function: Enable


Duplex Mode: Auto

Max Bit Rate: Auto

DHCP Server, pool Start IP:

DHCP Server, pool End IP:
I have an optiplex755 with 3 1GB NICS , 8 GB RAM and a 500 GB HD

.Can the above be implemented in ipfire? Or do need anything else.

Please get me going with this as I am not a network hero. I know my fair share and understand the tech talk but I haven't done much implementing it.


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Re: replace my IPV hardware by ipfire.

Post by ChrisK » November 4th, 2019, 8:50 am


AFAIC, you can't completely replace the provider modem by IPFire, at least you will need a modem in front of the IPfire that converts the subscriber line singals to ethernet. Maybe you can switch the provider's box to PPPoE passtrough mode? If that's the case, it should work with IPFire.

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